Coronavirus Measures

We have made many changes to the restaurant to make things safe for our customers. Below are just some of the changes you will see at the Salt Cellar, and we hope they give you the confidence to come and visit us again.

We have installed automated (no-touch) hand sanitiser dispensers at the entrance and exit to the restaurant, and more outside our public toilets.

Customers, except those who require use of the disabled lift, now enter by one entrance and exit by another, to prevent two-way traffic in our foyer areas.

Our doors are propped open to reduce touch points for customers and increase ventilation. The touchable surfaces that remain are cleaned regularly during the day.

Tables have been moved or taken out of use to create greater distance for diners.

Where we haven't been able to manage a full 2 metres distance between customer chairs, the chairs are facing away from each other.

Tables have been cleared of touchable items except for a paper menu which is disposed of and replaced by a clean copy between customers.

Tables are thoroughly cleaned between customers, using a detergent solution followed by a disinfectant solution. Chairs are also disinfected for extra safety.

Wait staff thoroughly sanitise their hands between clearing a table and serving the next one. Where possible, these jobs are performed by two different people.

Condiments are now served in sachets with your meal or drink, rather than taken by each customer from a shared supply.

All serving and food preparation staff wear a face mask.

Staff, both paid and voluntary, are fully trained in our new procedures.

The till queue is now limited to three customers, with 1.5 metre separators marked out on the floor. We encourage customers to wait at their table until a queue slot is available.

Although cash payment is accepted, we are encouraging the use of contactless card payments.

We are recording contact details of customers to support the NHS Test and Trace programme.

We hope this shows how seriously we're taking our Covid responsibilities, and that we'll see you again soon!

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